Installing a Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

A wall-mounted electric fireplace offers more than heat – it can really jazz up a space! But, before installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace, consider the room, its layout and what’s in it. You also want to think about the size and shape of the fireplace, as that’ll be a determining factor in how and where you mount it. Once you’ve decided on the location (taking safety into account), it’s time for the heavy lifting. 

Can I install a wall-mounted electric fireplace myself?

Yes, you can install a wall-mounted electric fireplace by yourself. But it’s a bit tricky. Obviously, it’ll be more difficult the bigger the fireplace – they can be really heavy. Still, there’s usually no structural modification required so DIY installation is possible. 

Clearance Requirements for a Wall-Mounted Fireplace

As with any fireplace, you want to have a healthy clearance between the wall-mounted fireplace and anything flammable. As a general rule, keep combustible materials at least 3 feet away from the front of the fireplace and 1.5 feet away from the sides. This includes furniture, pillows, blankets, paper, clothes, and curtains. Never have anything near the rear of the unit. 

Can I install a wall-mounted electric fireplace near my TV?

Sure! If you’re mounting your electric fireplace below your TV, follow the manufacturer and recommended clearances. This will guide you on how close you can mount the fireplace to the TV in order to clear the heat output. 

With Napoleon’s heat management, you have greater design flexibility, as it allows you to safely mount your fireplace closer to TVs, art, and electronics. One popular mounting configuration is to place a rectangular fireplace halfway between the TV and the floor. 

How to Install a Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

First, test the fireplace to make sure it functions properly. After you’ve confirmed everything works, move on to installing your wall-mounted electric fireplace.

1. Choose a location close to a power outlet.

Never use an extension cord. Place your fireplace somewhere near a power outlet. The main cable has to be at the back of the unit and must never touch a hot element. Ensure your chosen location also fits the clearance requirements mentioned above and in the manual.

2. Attach the brackets to the wall.

Your fireplace comes with the brackets and all the hardware to wall-mount it. Find the studs or use plastic anchors because most electric fireplaces are quite heavy (50-200 lbs).

3. Attach the brackets to the bottom of the fireplace.

Some models have bottom brackets for added support. If your unit has these, attach the brackets to the bottom if they’re not already attached.

4. Hang the fireplace on the brackets.

There will be slots or hooks on the back of the fireplace. So, you will either insert the keyhole slots on the back of the fireplace over the hooks on the mounting brackets, or, align the hooks on the back with the slots on the wall brackets and set the hooks into the slots.

5. Secure the fireplace to the wall.

Some models have an extra bracket at the bottom of the fireplace. In this case, attach the bottom part of the fireplace to the wall.

6. Plug in and enjoy!

Finally, plug in your freshly wall-mounted electric fireplace and enjoy! 

Electric Fireplace Installation 

If that all sounds like too much work or you’re not comfortable doing it alone, we’ve got you covered. Team Harding can handle the heavy lifting and take the hassle out of your electric fireplace installation. With our fast and professional installation crew, you’ll be enjoying the heat and comfort of your fireplace in no time! 

Give us a call or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram for more about mounting your electric fireplace. 

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