When to Repair vs. Replace Your Fireplace

Fireplaces don’t last forever. So, whether yours is just looking dated or it’s not working like it used to, it might be time to replace it. That being said, perhaps you can just repair your fireplace and it’ll be almost as good as new. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to repair your fireplace or replace it, this article is for you. We’ll help you decide if you need to repair vs. replace your fireplace.

When to Repair Your Fireplace

Repairs are generally only for functional improvements. This means if your fireplace still looks good and functions but just needs a few adjustments, you’re probably better off repairing it. Keep in mind, though, that repairing your fireplace won’t significantly improve it; it’s essentially extending its life a little more and making it function a bit better.

Therefore, repairing your fireplace may be better if:

  • Your fireplace is still quite new. 
  • It has a minor mechanical problem.
  • There’s a broken part that can be fixed easily.
  • The fireplace still fits the aesthetic of your home.
  • You love the features of your existing fireplace.

If your fireplace is only in need of some minor repairs, do not put it off. Doing so could lead to a situation where you do have to replace your fireplace. It could also worsen the problem and end up costing you more money.

When to Replace Your Fireplace 

If your hearth is very dated and/or not functioning properly, it’s best to replace it completely. You might consider repairing an old fireplace that isn’t working as well as it used to overall, but that’d be like putting it on life support. So, you might not want to invest too much into an older, poorly-functioning fireplace. It’s worth considering all your options before you make that decision.

Here are some situations where we recommend replacing your fireplace: 

  • The fireplace is really outdated. 
  • It requires constant or major repairs. 
  • You want to replace or update the surround. 
  • You’re planning to sell your home.
  • You want to upgrade your fireplace.
  • The fireplace is no longer efficient or safe to use.

Whether you’re looking to update your home’s interior, the whole hearth area, or sell your home, replacing your fireplace makes the most sense. Also, if you plan to redo the flooring around your fireplace, it often makes sense to replace the fireplace, too. 

Repair and Replace Your Fireplace with Team Harding

Whatever you choose, Team Harding can repair or replace your fireplace for you. In fact, our team can repair – and usually even replace – your hearth within a single day’s work, depending on what’s involved. So, if you’re under the impression that replacing or upgrading your fireplace would take weeks or months, it doesn’t. It should only take a few days at the max. If you want to do a whole custom design, it might take a little longer, but you get a totally unique hearth space.

Get started with the repair or replacement of your fireplace today.

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