How the Napoleon Freestyle BBQ Makes Grilling Easier

napoleon freestyle

Whether you love grilling or just love the final result, there are certain tools and special grills that really can make all the difference. When you’re equipped with the best, you can fully enjoy the grilling experience and enhance that end result. Crafted with user convenience in mind, the Napoleon Freestyle BBQ lets you focus on the food instead of being stressed by the logistics. Find out how the Freestyle can make grilling easier.

Iconic WAVE cooking grids for the perfect sear.

First of all, the Freestyle BBQ is equipped with Napoleon’s porcelainized cast iron WAVE cooking grids, making it easy to get the perfect sear marks! The wave pattern of the cooking grid also prevents small foods from falling through. Plus, the porcelain coating makes the grid durable and easy to season, like a cast iron frying pan.

Extra surface space for fast prep.

The folding side shelves on the Freestyle are another game-changing feature. When it comes to food prep, you can never have too much space. The folding side shelves make preparing your meal so much easier and more convenient. Any grill enthusiast can appreciate how the Freestyle gives them the ability to multi-task efficiently while grilling. The side shelves can be used for prepping ingredients, chopping meat, dicing vegetables, or mixing sauces. You don’t have to run back and forth between the kitchen and the BBQ anymore! On top of that, you can just fold up the shelves and tuck away the grill when you’re finished.

Even heat distribution every time.

The porcelain-enamel sear plates in their iconic wave pattern also allow for perfectly even heat distribution, making cooking on this grill a dream. With such an even heating distribution, every meal will come out just right! The coating also protects the burners and makes for super easy and quick cleaning.

Instant ignition.

The Freestyle BBQ’s instant ignition feature, powered by the innovative JETFIRE system, takes the hassle out of grilling and elevates the overall cooking experience. With a simple push of a button, you can ignite the grill’s main burners instantly. Goodbye matches and lighters! This handy feature ensures that you can get grilling in no time. 

More tools for more convenient cooking.

The thoughtful features and versatile options on the Freestyle make grilling even more of a breeze. The built-in bottle opener is a small but highly convenient addition that ensures you can effortlessly enjoy your favourite beverages while tending to the grill. No need to search for a separate opener; it’s right at your fingertips. 

And for those seeking to enhance their grilling experience, you have the option of adding on the smoker box accessory. With this addition, you can infuse tantalizing smoky flavours into your dishes, taking the taste to a whole new level. The Freestyle BBQ’s flexibility doesn’t end there. You have the choice between propane or natural gas. This versatility allows you to select the fuel type that best suits your needs and preferences. 

More Convenient, Customized Grilling

The Freestyle BBQ gives you the power to customize your grilling setup while making it more convenient overall. With all its practical features and options, the Freestyle BBQ makes every grilling session more enjoyable, efficient, and tailored to your specific tastes and requirements. You’ll want to cook every meal on the BBQ once you experience the Freestyle.

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