Double-Sided Fireplaces: Advantages & Why You Need One

double-sided fireplaces

One fireplace, two rooms. That’s the power of double-sided fireplaces. They offer double the practicality and double the architectural interest. Jazz up any space – or spaces – with a double-sided fireplace. But they’re not just gorgeous focal points, they offer a variety of benefits to homeowners wishing to install a fireplace in their home. Discover the advantages of double-sided fireplaces in this article.

7 Reasons Double-Sided Fireplaces Are Awesome

1. They’re beautiful.

It cannot be denied that double-sided fireplaces are stunning and provide a striking focal point in any home. They add elegance and sophistication to any room. Plus, you can enjoy the fire from multiple angles.

2. They’re safer than some other kinds of fireplaces.

If safety is a priority, double-sided fireplaces are a very safe option for your home. Napoleon’s triple-paned Glass Guard system provides an extra layer of protection in front of the main glass of the fireplace. This intelligent design allows for airspace between the glass layers, which serves to lower the heat emitted by the fireplace. This means the exterior pane of glass is warm to the touch but not hot, greatly reducing the risk of accidental burns.

3. They heat two rooms at once.

Double-sided fireplaces can efficiently heat two adjoining rooms, which is particularly useful in open-concept living spaces. They can also help reduce heating costs by utilizing a single heat source for multiple areas. Double-sided fireplaces typically distribute heat better than other traditional fireplaces. 

4. It’s cheaper than 2 fireplaces.

If you want a fireplace in two adjoining rooms, you can save by choosing a double-sided fireplace. In this case, you only have to buy and service one fireplace. Plus, it’s cheaper to run one fireplace than two.

5. They offer design flexibility.

There are countless ways to style your double-sided fireplace. From the style of the fireplace to materials and location, you have complete flexibility. You can find the fireplace that matches your aesthetic, whether it’s rustic or contemporary, and you can customize it to be totally unique.  

6. They make a space feel bigger.

Another advantage of double-sided fireplaces is that they can make a space feel more open and spacious by allowing light and views to pass through the firebox. This can be especially advantageous in rooms where space or natural light is limited.

7. They require only 1 chimney and flue.

Since a double-sided fireplace is a 2-in-1 option, you only have to have one chimney and one flue installed. This reduces installation costs (as opposed to having two fireplaces installed), meanwhile, you get the benefits of having a fireplace in two spaces.

Get Started on Your Custom Double-Sided Fireplace

If you can’t imagine what a double-sided fireplace would look like in your home, we can help you picture it. With our experienced fireplace consultants and installers, we can help you create a flaming focal point that awes and inspires from every angle. If you’re interested in something more practical, we have that too. 

Let the magic of double-sided fireplaces take your home to a new level.

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