8 Maintenance Tips to Make Your Fireplace Last

fireplace last

Whether you’re a new fireplace owner or a longtime owner, we’re here to remind you that your fireplace needs regular care and attention. Whether you have a wood-burning hearth or a modern gas fireplace, maintaining this beloved feature of your home is essential for safety, efficiency, and longevity. If you want to help your fireplace last as long as possible, follow these 8 tips.

1. Remove Ashes After Every Use

First, if you have a wood-burning fireplace, always remove the ashes. After each fire, allow the ashes to cool completely. Then, use a fireplace shovel and ash bucket to remove the ashes and dispose of them. Leaving a layer of ash at the bottom of the firebox can insulate the coals and help maintain heat, but be sure not to let the ashes accumulate too much to prevent airflow restrictions.

2. Schedule Regular Cleanings 

Along with ash removal, occasional deep cleaning sessions are necessary to guarantee your fireplace looks great and functions properly. How often you should deep clean depends on your usage and the type of unit. For regular use, you can do a deeper cleaning weekly, but you should still schedule professional cleanings. For infrequent use, aim for a deep clean once every two months.

3. Repair Issues Right Away

Always have a professional repair even minor damage right away. Small issues, such as cracks in the masonry or worn-out fire screens, can escalate into significant problems over time. It’s essential to address these issues promptly because repairing them is much easier and less costly when you catch them early. Addressing minor damages sooner rather than later will help maintain the safety and longevity of your fireplace.

4. Get Annual Chimney Inspections

You should schedule an annual inspection by a professional chimney sweep to ensure your fireplace and chimney are in good condition. They will check for structural issues and blockages, and make sure it’s operating safely.

5. Don’t Use it as Primary Heat Source

Your fireplace will last much longer if you don’t rely on it to be your primary source of heat. While fireplaces provide cozy warmth and a lovely ambiance, they’re typically not designed to be the only source of heat, especially here in Canada where it gets extremely cold. Relying on a fireplace for consistent heating leads to excessive wear and tear which may cause it to quite literally burn out.

6. Close the Damper 

When not in use, close the damper. This will prevent heat loss and improve energy efficiency, but it will also prevent moisture from building up in your fireplace. It also helps prevent blockages. Conversely, don’t forget to open the damper when the fire is burning to allow for proper airflow and ventilation.  

7. Consider an Insert

Consider getting a fireplace insert, whether electric, gas or wood. An insert can increase the efficiency of your fireplace by radiating more heat into the room and reducing heat loss up the chimney. They’re a bit expensive upfront, but they are more efficient to run as they lose less heat. They also burn cleaner.

8. Hire a Professional Maintenance Company

When it comes to installation, maintenance and repair services, always hire a professional company with experience. While you can handle the small maintenance tasks and regular cleaning of your fireplace, trust the experts with annual inspections, deep cleaning, and for repairs. We’re the fireplace people in the Ottawa area; from installation to customization, and from maintenance to repairs and cleaning, call Team Harding.

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