Cottage Fireplace Makeover Ideas

cottage fireplace

Looking to make your cottage cozier? If you have a fireplace in your cottage already, these cottage makeover ideas will inspire you to give it a whole new look and feel. If you’re looking to add a fireplace to your cottage, we’ve listed options to do just that.

Ideas to Makeover Your Existing Cottage Fireplace

Rustic Cottage

Natural Materials

Use natural materials such as stone, brick, or reclaimed wood for the fireplace surround and mantel. The natural materials add texture and warmth, enhancing the rustic feel. Nothing says rustic like a reclaimed wooden mantel.

Distressed Finishes

Opt for distressed or aged finishes for the fireplace elements. This can include rough-hewn stone or brick, weathered wood, or distressed paint finishes for a worn-in look that complements the rustic aesthetic.

To polish the look, add some rustic accessories and decor, like plaid blankets and woven baskets.

Beach Cottage

Whitewashed Brick or Stone
Consider a whitewashed brick or stone to surround the fireplace; it’ll create a light and airy look reminiscent of coastal cottages. 

Coastal Colours 

Choose a color palette inspired by the beach, such as soft blues, sandy neutrals, and crisp whites. Paint the fireplace mantel and surround in these coastal hues to bring a beachy vibe to the space.

To finish the look, add nautical accents and beach-inspired mantel decor.

Mountain Cabin Cottage

Natural Stone or Wood Surround

Use natural stone or reclaimed wood to create a rustic fireplace surround that mimics the look of a mountain cabin. Choose materials with warm tones and rugged textures to evoke the feeling of being in a cozy cabin retreat.

Wood Beam Mantel

Install a sturdy wood beam mantel above the fireplace to enhance the rustic charm. Opt for a reclaimed or distressed wood beam with rough-hewn edges for an authentic mountain cabin feel.

To top off the look, decorate the mantel and hearth with cabin-inspired decor, such as antlers, pinecones, and lanterns.

Adding a Fireplace to Your Cottage

Want to warm up your cottage for those cool summer evenings or frosty fall and winter nights? Consider these options for adding a fireplace. 

Use the Existing Chimney

If your cottage already has a chimney in place, you could consider installing a traditional wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace insert. A wood-burning fireplace can add rustic charm and cozy ambiance, while a gas fireplace insert offers convenience and efficiency. 

Get a Wood or Gas Stove

Another option for adding a fireplace to your cottage is to install a wood or gas stove. These stoves come in various styles and sizes to suit your preferences and heating needs. A wood stove is a good option for cottages without electricity. On the other hand, a gas stove offers convenience and easy temperature control. 

Install an Electric Fireplace 

If installing a traditional fireplace or stove is not feasible, consider adding an electric fireplace to your cottage. Electric fireplaces come in a wide range of styles, from wall-mounted units to freestanding models, and can be easily installed in most places without the need for venting or chimney access. 

Your Cottage Fireplace Awaits

For best results, give us a call and our expert fireplace design and installation team can consult you. We can assess your cottage and help determine what would suit the space and your needs. Whether it’s a simple makeover or a whole new installation, our Team Harding crew has the expertise and experience to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

We’ll help you enjoy your cottage even more.

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