Everdure Kiln S Series Gas Pizza Oven – Terracotta

The Everdure Kiln S Series 1-Burner Gas Pizza Oven offers a blend of sleek design and versatile cooking capabilities, perfect for any outdoor enthusiast looking to expand their culinary horizons beyond just pizza. This single-burner pizza oven is not limited to pizza making; its multifunctional nature allows for searing and baking a variety of dishes, making it a valuable addition to any outdoor kitchen.

This oven heats up to an impressive 932°F in just 18 minutes, enabling you to cook a large pizza in a matter of minutes. The removable stone, an integral part of this oven, not only aids in warming but also simplifies the cleaning process. It’s designed to accommodate cast iron pans and skillets, further enhancing the oven’s versatility.

The U-shaped burner is strategically designed for even heat distribution, ensuring your pizzas and other dishes are cooked uniformly. It requires you to rotate your pizza just four times for an evenly cooked, crispy base.

The Kiln S Series comes in a stylish terracotta color, complementing its contemporary design, which is not just aesthetically pleasing but also optimizes portability. Setting up, cooking, cleaning, and storing this pizza oven is straightforward, making it an ideal choice for those who value convenience without compromising on quality.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard party or enjoying a quiet evening at home, the Kiln S Series 1-burner pizza oven is your go-to for quickly and efficiently enjoying traditional pizza and a variety of other delicious dishes.

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