Napoleon NPI45 Eco Pellet Insert

With Napoleon’s advanced pellet technology and efficient heat exchanger, the Napoleon® pellet insert will have no problem living up to your “performance” expectations. Napoleon’s pellet insert comes complete with a 120 CFM convection blower system, convenient auto ignitor, airwash system, stylish black trivet and dual painted black accent rods. It is convenient to use, easy to maintain and easy to fill without having to “refuel” for up to 45 hours!

Fuel Type





HEIGHT 20.63 in WIDTH 20.38 in DEPTH 16.50 in

Clean Glass Airwash
Advanced airwash system uses outside air to put a barrier between the glass and burn pot, creating a clean, clear viewing area.
Low Maintenance
Fly ash falls through the strategically angled diffuser fins to the ash drawer below.
Large Ash Drawer
For added convenience, the NPS45 features the largest ash drawer in the industry.
Cast Iron Burn Pot
The pellets drop into the solid cast iron burn pot which ensures complete combustion, minimal clinker formation and reliable, efficient heat.
Convection Air
Room air is drawn in by a blower and flows through the seamless heat exchange tubes.
Residual combustion air is vented outside through a vent pipe – no need for a conventional chimney which makes installation
more versatile and economical. The exhaust blower speed automatically adjusts to selected feed rate ensuring maximum fuel efficiency.
Simply fill with fuel and choose your desired heat and fan adjustments.
Cleaning Mode
This exclusive feature initiates the combustion blower to turn on, controlling the fly ash from entering the room when the door is open for cleaning.
Pellet Auger
The auger delivers pellets from the hopper to the burn pot at various speeds. The rate and amount of pellets dropped into the burn pot, controls the amount of heat generated.
The hopper is capable of handling a full bag of pellets, eliminating partial bags left open.
Heat Exchange Tubes
Eight seamless heat exchange tubes, heated from the burning pellets, transfer heat to the cool air and efficiently provide plenty of comfortable heat into the room.
Four Stage FAILSAFE™ System
This system features an automatic blower over ride switch, a high temperature limit switch, a low air pressure switch and a power failure safety shut down for your peace of mind.

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