Is it Time for Furnace Replacement?

Furnace Replacement

The long, cold Canadian winters, especially in Ottawa, make it necessary to have a furnace in good working order before the season hits. And although thinking about the next several months full of ice and snow can set us all chattering, having a reliable heating system makes getting through winter a breeze. If you’re thinking about how to stay the most comfortable this upcoming season, consider the benefits of furnace replacement.

  1. Furnace Efficiency

Your furnace, just like nearly all of your electronics, has a lifespan. After about 10-15 years, your furnace is almost definitely not functioning as well as it used to and is using much more energy to run. This in turn is resulting in higher utility bills that climb every winter season. In this case, furnace replacement can benefit you by saving you a lot of cash on bills every year.

  1. Repairs and Parts Replacement

If you’ve noticed you’ve been pouring money into more and more repairs every winter season, it’s time to weigh the cost in doing so. We know how expensive repairs and furnace parts can be, especially if your system isn’t covered under warranty anymore. Furnace replacement will ensure you won’t need to worry about costly breakdowns in the middle of winter and sets you up with a new furnace that runs smoothly and is covered with warranties to give you peace of mind for years to come.

  1. It’s the Season for Savings

Fall promotions are the best time to take advantage of great savings on furnace replacement. Team Harding even has our Daikin Fall Promo on right now, where you can save up to $2,250 on a new heating system. Manufacturers generally don’t have any running promotions in the middle of winter, so the fall season is the opportunity to save big and have a cozy home all winter.

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