Professional Heating Installation is Vital for Home Efficiency

Heating Installation

Many homeowners are capable of performing day-to-day maintenance around their homes without any trouble, but some projects should always be avoided – like heating installation. There are many things that can go wrong in the process of installing your furnace or even performing furnace repair, and one mistake can lead to costly damage or injury to yourself or loved ones. A licensed technician has been trained in the correct way to remove and install heating units and other home comfort system equipment, and have the varied skill sets needed to perform the job safely and according to code.

The range of tools needed for heating installation is vast and specialized. The average homeowner will not have the tools needed in their toolbox. Things like a two-stage vacuum pump or a combustible gas detector are not only costly; they require knowledge and a specialized skill-set on how to use them properly. The amount of money that would have to be spent buying tools would far exceed a professional coming to install your furnace.

Another factor to consider before toying with installing your own furnace is how warranties and product guarantees will be affected. Many furnace manufacturers will void warranties for their units if a certified HVAC specialist does not install them. There are too many ways novice installers can make mistakes that will not only affect the efficiency of the unit, but could also put the installer and those living in the home in danger. Team Harding guarantees your satisfaction and also provides a worry free guarantee for up to 12 years on parts and labour.

At Harding Heating & Air Conditioning, we only employ fully licensed technicians and installers who have undergone extensive training and certification. As authorized licensed dealers for Amana, Goodman and Daikin Comfort Pro products, we have the knowledge to safely install these furnaces to the manufacturers specifications.

When it comes to heating installation, hiring a professional is the only way to guarantee that your furnace is installed safely and will perform well for its usable life.

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