Energy Efficient Landscaping Compliments Your High-Efficiency HVAC System

With hydro prices constantly increasing, it’s important to have a comprehensive plan to save energy. Many homeowners focus on ways to increase efficiency indoors but often forget about the outdoors. There are many energy efficient landscaping tips that can complement your indoor high-efficiency HVAC systems to help the planet and keep monthly energy bills under control.

The secret of energy efficient landscaping is to offset the work of your high efficiency-HVAC system by helping keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. By planting the right type of trees in the right areas, you can decrease the strain on your furnace and air conditioner while increasing your home’s overall comfort!

Plant Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees, like ash and oak, lose their leaves seasonally and are an important part of energy efficient landscaping. In the summer, landscaping should focus on keeping the sun away from your home. A shaded home can decrease the internal temperature by up to 4 degrees. Deciduous trees planted on the south and west sides of your home will block much of the hot summer sun from shining in and heating your home.

In the winter, the leaves from the deciduous trees fall, allowing the sunlight to enter your home and increasing the home’s ambient temperature naturally. In both cases, planting these types of trees will take some of the strain off your high-efficiency HVAC system and heat or cool your home naturally.

Plant Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees retain their leaves year-round and can be planted and used as a windbreak for the winter winds. A row of trees planted on the northwest side of your home will help prevent bitter cold gusts from reaching your home’s walls. This can lower the wind chill and in turn keep your home more comfortable without taxing your high-efficiency HVAC system.

It can be easy to incorporate energy efficient landscaping to your home—it just takes a little planning!

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