Help! My AC Stopped Working!


When a central air conditioning unit fails during a heat spell it can be cause for alarm. But what may seem like a big problem can have a simple solution. If your AC stopped working, make sure to go over the following troubleshooting guide before calling a Harding technician to avoid unnecessary repair and service costs.

  1. Your AC Won’t Turn On

If your AC stopped working completely, your first step should always be to check both your breakers (inside unit and outside unit) to see if they’ve been tripped or if a fuse has blown.

**It’s very important that you take extra caution with tripped breakers!**

Also—double check your thermostat to ensure it’s on the right settings! Too often our technicians have been called in for service, only to find that the thermostat has been switched to “HEAT” instead of “COOL”.

  1. Your AC Is Not Cooling the Air

If your air conditioner is running and your thermostat is placed on the correct setting but it’s still not cooling, your outside unit may be dirty or blocked. Ensure the outside condenser is kept clear of debris to allow the air conditioner to function properly and efficiently. If the fins are dirty or clogged—disconnect the power and rinse your system with a no-nozzle water hose.

If you experience any problems while cleaning your system, please call a Team Harding technician.

  1. Your AC Isn’t Adequately Cooling Your Home

If the AC is working but not meeting your home’s requirements, it’s possible you may have a unit that is improperly sized. Properly sizing AC units is extremely important and requires a professional to do correctly. Incorrect cooling systems can lead to warmer indoor temperatures, longer running times, higher electricity costs and potentially higher maintenance costs.

Team Harding’s certified technicians can visit your home and help you find the ideal cooling solution based on your home’s size, house features and your personal needs!

If you’ve gone over every step on our AC troubleshooting guide and your system is still down, it’s time to call a professional at Harding Heating & Air Conditioning!

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