A Smart Thermostat can Settle the Indoor Temperature Wars


A common fight in many households across Canada is the struggle to control the thermostat. Usually, one person wants the home warm and another prefers it cool, leading to a constant back and forth temperature war with the thermostat. Instead of fighting over the indoor temperature, install a smart thermostat and let the Wi-Fi enabled devices settle the temperature dispute in your home.

Adjusts for Preferences
A smart thermostat can quickly learn your routine and habits and automatically adjust the temperature throughout the day. If the early riser likes a cool home, the smart thermostat will ensure the home stays a steady, cool temperature and only engages the furnace when the next person in the home usually gets up. That way, the temperature adjusts for the preferences of everyone in the home.

Adjusts to the Environment
Some smart thermostat models take into account outdoor weather predictions when setting the temperature—increasing the temperature slightly on cold days and turning off the furnace during above-average temperature days. This feature will help ensure that the temperature inside your home is not out of line with the temperature outside.

Monitor and Adjust Temperatures Remotely
If there is a sudden change in your schedule and you’re heading back home earlier than you usually do, you can remotely adjust the temperature to ensure that it’s the temperature you prefer before you get home. You’ll be happier knowing that your home is energy efficient and giving you the comfort that you need.

Team Harding has a number of different smart thermostat models available. We can help you find the perfect product for your home, install it and make sure that you understand how to use it before we leave.

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