3 Benefits of a Spring AC Tune-Up

Spring AC Tune-Up

Spring has finally decided to arrive in Ottawa! Everyone is enjoying the warmer temperatures and spending time outside, but soon we’re going to need air conditioners to keep cool and comfortable indoors. Before the height of the summer heat hits—make sure to schedule your spring AC tune-up and enjoy the benefits that come with regular air conditioning maintenance.

  1. Reliable Operation
    During a yearly tune-up, a professional cooling technician can help ensure that all AC components are working as they should. This can help prevent breakdowns and expensive repair bills in the middle of summer and can help provide peace-of-mind.
  2. Increased Efficiency
    Another benefit of a spring AC tune-up is that small adjustments and cleaning can increase the cooling system’s efficiency. Not only will this help lower your monthly energy bills, but it can also increase your overall home comfort.
  3. Maintain Manufacturer Warranty
    Many air conditioner manufacturers require a yearly professional tune-up to keep the warranty valid. Coverage from these warranties can provide significant savings if you need to replace a part during the warranty period—so it’s imperative to keep up with maintenance and keep detailed records of any service, tune-ups and repairs.

Contact us today to schedule your spring AC tune-up and make sure you get your cooling system inspected before the rush of summer weather.

If you sign up for a Team Harding AC Club Membership, an annual tune-up is included. In addition to a FREE annual precision tune-up and safety inspection, you can save on repairs, diagnostic fees and duct cleanings.

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