The Relationship Between Air Filters and Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality

Few things can affect your health more than the indoor air you breathe every day. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and the air filters that maintain it are a crucial part of a healthy home. HVAC filters play a major role in maintaining IAQ—so it’s important to make sure they’re clean and functioning properly.

The important relationship between air filters and IAQ cannot be overstated. Air filters allow your heating and cooling system to purify the air in your home, ensuring that it’s clean and healthy for everyone inside.

We’ve outlined some useful information to help make sure your IAQ is always at a high level.

Change Air Filters
It’s important to regularly check and change dirty air filters whenever necessary. Air filters prevent the circulation of dust, allergens and other airborne particles that can trigger allergy symptoms and cause health issues, so replacing a dirty filter helps ensure your home will have clean and healthy air. In a forced air system, the furnace and AC share the same filter, so it’s even more important to change them regularly. Check them monthly and replace as needed.

MERV Ratings
The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) is a rating that indicates how effectively an air filter can collect smaller airborne particles and contaminants. A high MERV rating means your air filter can pick up small and fine particles that a lower rated filter will miss, making the air in your home as safe as possible.

As higher rated filters collect a wider range of particles, they will naturally accumulate dirt and get clogged much quicker, so it’s important to check and replace them more frequently.

Filter Types
There are a number of different HVAC filters on the market, but some of the most common types are fiberglass filters, pleated filters, washable filters and High Efficiency Filters (HEPA). Using the right type and size of HVAC filter is a key step in maintaining healthy air throughout the home.

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