How Your Old Furnace Could Affect Selling Your Home

old furnace

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you might have overlooked how your old furnace could affect the final sale. Many potential homeowners are looking for a move-in ready house that doesn’t require updates. They’ll also likely want assurances the installed home comfort systems have been well-maintained and will get them through the first few years of home ownership.

Is Your Old Furnace Out of Warranty?

As heating systems age, they require more furnace service and maintenance. A prospective homebuyer will be looking at the overall condition of the furnace, when it was installed and if it’s still covered by a manufacturer warranty. If the home’s heating system is over a decade old and doesn’t have any coverage for part replacement, you might run into a scenario when potential buyers will ask you to replace it or they might lower their bid.

Has Your Furnace Been Properly Maintained?

To keep manufacturer warranties valid, you need to have proof the furnace has been professionally maintained every year. By having annual service you can also improve overall performance, home comfort and efficiency—which can save money on monthly energy bills. If the home comfort system has been neglected, it’s very possible a potential buyer will hesitate before putting in a full-price offer.

When selling your home, it’s a benefit to advertise you’ve installed a new, high-efficiency furnace that’s covered under a manufacturer warranty. If you have an aging furnace that hasn’t been properly maintained and has no warranty, you could experience some hesitation from prospective buyers.

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