Solutions to Common AC Problems

AC Problems

If you’re having an issue with your air conditioner, there might be a simple fix. We always encourage our customers to try the following solutions to their AC problems before calling for professional service.

Check Thermostat
If your air conditioner isn’t turning on, the first thing to check is the thermostat. Ensure that you don’t need to change the batteries and that the thermostat is set to Cool.

Ensure Breaker and Furnace Switch are ON
Many people mistakenly believe they can turn off the furnace breaker and/or switch in the summer because they don’t need heat. The central air conditioning runs off your furnace and both the furnace breaker and switch need to be on to power the AC.

Replace Furnace Filter
Many common AC problems are the result of a clogged furnace filter. Filters need to be replaced regularly to ensure the proper operation of your system. If you can’t remember the last time you checked (or changed) the furnace filter, it’s always a good idea to inspect it before calling for service.

Remove Cover and/or Debris from Outside Unit
It’s important to remember that the condenser requires a minimum clearance around the unit, which is why it’s crucial to remove an air conditioner cover prior to turning the system on. Even leaves, twigs and other debris can cause some serious AC problems by impeding necessary airflow.

If the above fixes don’t help, it’s probably time to call a professional.
Team Harding is available for all your air conditioning maintenance and
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If there’s ice on the outdoor unit or the pipes inside, you should shut off the system right away. To properly diagnose any AC problem, a technician needs the system to be thawed, which can take between 24 and 48 hours.

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