Cost of a New Air Conditioner in Ottawa

new air conditioner

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for a new AC and price is a priority for many Ottawa homeowners. We receive many inquiries over the phone and online about the cost of a new air conditioner and although we’d love to be able to provide a quote right away, we can’t without first completing a free, in-home estimate.

There are a number of variables that factor into the final price of a new air conditioner
including home size, SEER and AC brand.

Home Size: The right size air conditioner needs to be installed to efficiently deliver cool air throughout the whole house. A system that is too small, or too big, will be prone to uneven cooling, breakdowns and higher energy bills. To properly size an air conditioner, a sales representative needs to be on-site to accurately calculate the cooling load.

SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the performance rating of an AC system—with a higher SEER indicating a higher level of efficiency. The SEER you choose for your new air conditioner will have an impact on the final cost. During a free AC quote, your sales representative can present SEER options and offer expert recommendations.

Manufacturer and Brand: Not all AC systems are made equally and the manufacturer and brand will have a significant effect on your home comfort and overall cost for a new air conditioner. A reputable manufacturer that uses quality components and offers a comprehensive warranty will likely cost more upfront but will save you money in the long-term from its reliable operation.

The Installation Company Matters

The actual equipment contributes to about half of the cost of a new air conditioner—installation makes up the other half. Make sure you use an experienced installation company that has a high-standard of service and stands behind their work with an installation guarantee.

If you’re looking to upgrade your AC system,
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During this in-home appointment, we’ll explain all your options, answer any questions and let you know of any rebates or promotions that are available which can lower the price of your installation.

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