Air Conditioner Options in Ottawa

air conditioner options

There are a number of different air conditioner options for Ottawa homeowners including central AC, ductless AC and the innovative Daikin Fit—a new hybrid product. Understanding how these products differ can help you make the right decision when it comes time to upgrade your old air conditioner.

Central Air Conditioning
Most homeowners are familiar with central air conditioning, where an outdoor condenser is connected to an indoor unit. In this system, cold air is circulated throughout the home via ducts and is packaged with a gas furnace.

Ductless AC
An increasingly popular option, ductless mini-split systems use a mounted indoor unit in different areas of the home to provide zoned cooling. Since these systems don’t require the use of ducts, it’s a good option for homes that don’t have existing ductwork or in new additions.

Daikin Fit
This unique HVAC system combines the efficiency of a ductless system while being able to integrate with a ducted gas furnace—providing the best of both worlds. Another benefit of this system is that the outdoor unit is much smaller than traditional cube style condensing units, making it a perfect choice for homes with limited backyard space.

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