Is it Time for Furnace Replacement?

It’s always best to proactively schedule a furnace replacement, rather than finding yourself in a situation where your furnace has broken down and you’re left with no heat in the middle of the night.

To help you decide if it’s time for a furnace replacement, consider the following:

Age of Furnace – If your heating system was installed between 2005 and 2010, you’re definitely going to want to consider an upgrade. On average, most furnaces last about 10-15 years before key components start wearing down and needing to be replaced.

Amount of Repairs – Many homeowners believe that it’s more affordable to keep paying for repairs than just installing a new furnace; however, repair costs can add up quickly. Calculate how much money you’ve spent on repairs over the last two years and you might be surprised by the amount.

Manufacturer Warranties – Having the manufacturer pay for replacement parts can keep repair prices low, but if the warranty has expired, you’ll be paying out-of-pocket. Take a look at your warranty and see if you’re still covered, if not, you’ll want to consider a furnace replacement that protects you with a new manufacturer warranty.

General Home Comfort – Think back to last winter. How well did your heating system keep your home warm and comfortable? If you were experiencing issues last year with unreliable or uneven heating, there’s a good chance you’ll run into more problems this winter. Upgrading to a new furnace can provide peace of mind as we head into another chilly Ottawa winter.

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