Simple Tip to Improve Indoor Air Quality

improve indoor air quality

Many people look for ways to improve indoor air quality—especially in the winter when windows and doors are kept closed. While there are many ways to keep the air in your home fresh and clean, we’d like to remind homeowners that a dirty furnace filter can have a significant effect on your home’s air quality.

A furnace filter traps allergens, dust and other irritants to prevent them from spreading throughout the house. When the furnace filter is full, it needs to be cleaned or replaced to maintain a high air quality level. Running the furnace with a clogged filter can not only spread dust and debris throughout your home but it can also damage the system.

How Often Should I Change the Furnace Filter?
Different filters are rated to last varying amounts of time. Some should be replaced every 30 days, while others can be used for six months before needing to be changed; it really depends on the size of the filter and lifestyle factors. To be safe, we always advise our clients to check their filters monthly and replace them as needed. You’ll know a furnace filter needs to be replaced when you take it out and it’s noticeably grey in colour and you can see dirt and dust build-up.

Other Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality
If you require additional help improving indoor air quality, you might consider installing a whole-home humidifier or air purification system. During the winter months in Ottawa, it becomes very dry in our homes. A whole-home humidifier adds moisture into the house, which can not only improve comfort but can also help prevent the spread of dust and bacteria in your home.

There are also a number of air purification systems that can be installed to your existing furnace or air handler that removes and destroy pollutants before they are circulated into your home. The addition of one of these systems can significantly improve indoor air quality year-round.

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