Best Temperature to Keep the House in the Summer

best temperature

The debate is about to begin—if it hasn’t already started—about the best temperature to keep the thermostat.

Some people in the household want it to be so cold all the time that you can see your breath indoors. Others are very conscious of run times and will only turn on the AC for a limited duration at night.

While there will likely never be a consensus about where to set the thermostat, the Canadian government has provided some guidelines:

Natural Resources Canada writes:

“The indoor thermostat should be set somewhere in the range of 22–25°C, depending on your comfort requirements.”

While you are at home during the day, you can set the temperature lower and then adjust it higher by a few degrees when you’re getting ready to leave or heading to bed.

Adjusting the temperature during the day can keep the house cool and comfortable when people are inside, but help keep energy bills in check by not unnecessarily cooling the house when no one is home

Use a Smart Thermostat
If you don’t have a smart thermostat, upgrading to one can ensure efficiency is a priority without compromising comfort. The new Daikin One+ is the first two-way communicating smart thermostat that works with communicating Daikin systems. Additionally, the smart thermostat monitors air quality and can send alerts when there is a pollen alert outdoors or there’s a system issue that needs to be addressed.

While we can’t help households settle the debate about the best temperature to keep your house in the summer, we can make it easier to automatically adjust the thermostat.

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