Daikin Fit: The Most Advanced AC In Ottawa

Daikin Fit Ottawa

When in the market for a new air conditioner for your home, it’s always smart to look at the most advanced and innovative system. Not only will investing in a high-quality AC unit keep you cool with no problems throughout the entirety of your summer and the summers to come, but the system will also save you money monthly due to its efficiency. This is why when people are searching for a new high-quality air conditioner in Ottawa, we suggest the Daikin Fit.

Small and Compact Design
The Daikin Fit is a small and compact unit that packs a major punch in providing cool air for your home. The Fit’s reduced height and width make the system hardly noticeable when installed in a backyard, and is perfect for homes with limited outdoor space because it only needs four inches of clearance for installation. The system is noticeably smaller than traditional cube air conditioners, but don’t let its minuscule size fool you! Good things often come in small packages, and the Daikin Fit definitely lives up to that saying!

Minimal Sound
On top of the Daikin Fit being very small and compact, it’s also a very quiet system. The variable-speed fan is fast and powerful, yet stays nearly silent while in operation. No more hearing the hum of your air conditioner through an open window, or having the sound distract you while you’re enjoying a drink on your patio, because the Daikin Fit is as quiet as it is mighty!

Lower Monthly Bills
Once you’ve invested in a Daikin Fit, you’ll notice a substantial drop in your monthly bills due to the system’s efficiency. The Daikin Fit is equipped with an inverter for temperature control, which means when the home has reached its desired temperature, the inverter system matches the speed to meet the demand, reducing your energy consumption by up to 30% compared to a traditional system! The Daikin Fit isn’t just great for your carbon footprint, but for your pocketbook as well!

If you’re looking for the best air conditioning system for your home in Ottawa, the Daikin Fit is the way to go for cool air throughout the summer while saving money on reduced utility costs!

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