How To Identify Common AC Problems

Common AC Problems

Understanding simple issues with your air conditioner can be very valuable in making sure a complete breakdown of your system doesn’t happen right when you need it most. Here’s a small and handy guide to help you identify any common AC problems that could possibly put a damper on your home comfort this summer!

Your AC is Freezing Up
We want our air conditioner to be cold, but not frozen! If you find that parts of your air conditioner like the coils or the condenser unit are covered with ice, low refrigerant in the system or a clogged filter are usually the main culprits. If you have changed your filter and the system still appears frozen, it is likely a refrigerant issue and you should turn off your system immediately. The handling of refrigerant should always be left to the professionals, so be sure to call on Team Harding if you suspect your AC is low on, or potentially leaking, refrigerant.

Your AC Won’t Stop Running
Central air conditioners are meant to run periodically. They’ll turn on and pump out cool air until your home hits your desired temperature, and then they’ll turn off to conserve energy, only turning back on again when the home begins to warm up. If your AC continues to run without pause throughout the day, it’s most likely an issue with your thermostat.

The thermostat is meant to keep track of the temperature in the home and to eventually tell the AC to stop running when the desired temperature is reached, but if the thermostat reads the temperature of the room incorrectly, it may never tell the air conditioner that it has achieved the goal temperature. Fortunately, this is usually fixed fairly quickly and inexpensively by simply getting a new thermostat for your home.

Your AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air
If your air conditioner is producing warm air instead of cold air, it can cause a panic. Just like when your AC is frozen, if it isn’t cooling the air it’s most likely because it’s low on refrigerant. As stated before, if you suspect your AC is low on, or leaking, refrigerant, you should turn the system off and call for professional help as soon as you can. A licensed technician will be able to assess the situation during a service call, and have your system up and running again in no time!

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