Just How Efficient Is A High-Efficiency Furnace?

With winter coming quickly to Ontario and famously unforgiving cold weather just around the corner, many Ottawa households are considering the efficiency of their furnace and whether it’s adequate enough to survive the next few months of snow. You may have heard the buzz about switching to a high-efficiency furnace, but you might not know what that means and how it could benefit your home. How efficient is a high-efficiency furnace? Is the switch worth it? Let us explain.

Energy Efficient
The primary thing that makes a high-efficiency furnace so efficient is its ability to conserve and use power sparingly and with purpose. High-efficiency furnaces have an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of up to 98%, meaning that only 2% of the heat released into the air is wasted. A huge margin from furnaces 15-20 years ago where the AFUE could be as low as 60%! When you choose a high-efficiency furnace, you choose to save the energy you’re not using, leading to a more efficient home.

When you invest in a high-efficiency furnace, you’re also committing to a cost-efficient way of warming your home. A high-efficiency furnace will use significantly less energy than an older furnace, meaning you’ll save monthly and annually on your utility bills while still keeping your home comfortable and warm.

Air-Quality Efficient
A great way that high-efficiency furnaces are efficient that not everyone considers is the quality of air that stems from having a new, high-efficiency system. New high-efficiency furnaces are often quite powerful when cleaning allergens and debris from the air, and they have no previous wear and tear meaning that they can more easily produce higher quality and cleaner air for your home. Also, as high-efficiency furnaces tend to be more powerful, they can heat the air quickly, avoiding your home’s air becoming dry from prolonged treatment.

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