How Long Does The Average Water Heater Last?

Water Heater Lifespan

Just like your furnace, your water heater is a necessary component to your home’s overall health and safety, and just like your furnace, your water heater has a lifespan. Once you’ve exceeded said lifespan, it’s time to invest in a new water heater. But what is the lifespan of the average water heater? And is there a way to prolong that lifespan? How do you know when your water heater is on its last legs? Here’s what the experts at Team Harding have to say.

How Long Does A Water Heater Last?
The average conventional gas or electric water heater has a lifespan between ten and fifteen years. If you’re unsure of your water heater’s exact lifespan, ask the experts at Harding when you purchase your water heater, or check its serial number for more information.

How To Know If Your Water Heater Needs To Be Replaced
Similar to how a furnace operates, there are several telltale signs that your water heater is on its last legs and an old-age induced breakdown is on the horizon. It may be time to replace your water heater if you’re experiencing one or more of the signs listed below:

  • Your water heater is ten to fifteen years old
  • Your water heater is running out of hot water quicker than it once did
  • Your water heater isn’t producing hot water at all
  • Your water heater is leaking
  • Your water heater’s exterior is rusting
  • Your water heater is making strange noises

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Water Heater
The best and most recognized way to prolong the life of your water heater and make sure you get the most out of the system is simply to schedule annual preventative maintenance with the experts at Team Harding. During an annual preventative maintenance appointment, our HVAC experts will ensure that your water heater is working its best and most efficiently without any signs of future breakdowns or disrepair. Scheduled annual maintenance can be the difference between a water heater lasting for ten years and a water heater lasting for fifteen.

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