Heat Pump Installation Grants In Ottawa

Heat Pump Grants Ottawa

Heat pumps have become increasingly more popular in both Ottawa and Southern Ontario homes due to their overall efficiency, ability to both heat and cool your home, and their ability to decrease a homeowner’s overall carbon footprint. If you’re interested in installing a heat pump in your home, but you are nervous about the initial cost, have no fear! Receive grants for your heat pump installation with the Canada Greener Homes Grant and Team Harding.

About The Canada Greener Homes Grant
If you’ve never heard of the Canada Greener Homes Grant, you may have some questions about what it is and if you qualify. The Canada Greener Homes Grant is an incentive through the government of Canada that encourages Canadian citizens to make changes and retrofits to their homes to make their households more energy-efficient, thus reducing their carbon footprint. This means that Ottawa homeowners can receive grants of upwards of $5,000 for installing a heat pump in their homes.

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What Makes A Heat Pump So Efficient?
Heat pumps are extremely efficient because of their unique ability to both cool and heat a home without having to manually produce hot or cold air. Essentially, a heat pump redistributes warm air in the winter and pushes it through your home, and in the summer, it works to remove heat and humidity from your home’s air. Because they don’t produce heat or cooling, and instead simply redistribute and move it either outside or inside the home, heat pumps use significantly less energy than traditional air conditioners and furnaces.

Install Your Heat Pump With Team Harding
If you’re interested in receiving grants for heat pump installation in Ottawa through the Canada Greener Homes Grant, the experts at Team Harding are eager to help! As a team of expert and experienced HVAC technicians, we are happy to ensure that you get the best price on a qualifying heat pump, plus that you get the best, quickest, and most professional service available.

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