Emergency AC Repair In Ottawa

Emergency AC Repair Ottawa

The last thing any homeowner needs during the dog days of summer is to discover that their air conditioner has broken down. Not only is this extremely frustrating, but it can also be costly, and what are you supposed to do if it’s a weekend, evening, or Holiday? Fortunately, Ottawa residents are not out of luck if they experience a sudden breakdown because Team Harding offers after-hours emergency AC repair whenever they need it most!

Emergency Service Into The Evening
Unfortunately, air conditioner and HVAC disrepair is not an issue exclusive to Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM, which is why we offer service for air conditioners into the evening up to 8 PM. We also offer a phone line with a live representative ready to take your call in case of an emergency.

Ways To Prevent Sudden Breakdowns
While sometimes you can’t predict a sudden breakdown of your air conditioner, there are several ways you can avoid the need for emergency AC repair in your Ottawa home including:

  • Changing your air filter frequently
  • Calling for repair as soon as you notice an issue
  • Scheduling annual preventative maintenance
  • Replacing your air conditioner when needed

Prioritize Your Emergency Service With A Harding Club Membership
Sometimes even the best cared-for air conditioners still break down without notice and require emergency repair. The only downside to calling for emergency repair is the potential cost. Not only do emergency fees add to your final bill, but the potential need for replacement parts can be costly as well.

One way that many Ottawa homeowners combat the price of potential emergency AC repair bills is to invest in a Team Harding Club Membership. Not only does a membership help to prioritize your home for emergency repairs, but it also helps with discounts on repairs and replacement parts. Team Harding Club Memberships benefit Ottawa homeowners with:

  • Free annual maintenance
  • Discounts on repairs
  • Discounts on replacement parts
  • Priority service
  • Exclusive sales, discounts, and offers

Receive priority emergency service and other great benefits,
sign up for a Team Harding Club Membership today!

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