How to Grill a Turkey

How to Grill Turkey

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly, and while the weather in Ottawa is still fairly comfortable, many grillmasters are wondering if they can enjoy grilling a little bit longer. This year, why not take advantage of the cool autumn weather and try grilling your turkey instead of baking it in the oven? Don’t know where to start? Here’s how to grill a whole turkey.

Prep Your Turkey However You Like

If you’re wondering how to grill your Thanksgiving turkey for the first time, you may be wondering if the prep is much different than using an oven. What’s amazing about grilling instead of baking is that the prep is virtually the same. This allows you to still use your cooking traditions and old family turkey recipes alongside your grill.

The main difference between cooking and baking your turkey is that you need to use a grill-friendly disposable tray to prep your bird. Prep your turkey with all of your favourite herbs and spices, slices of lemon, and any other fresh produce you’d like to add. Then, place it in your pan breast-side up and tie the legs together, then tuck the wings under the body. Finally, pour two cups of chicken stock into the pan to ensure that your turkey stays juicy and delicious.

Grill Your Turkey with These Simple Steps

Once you’ve prepared your turkey to get all of the flavours you love and have become accustomed to throughout your many Thanksgivings, preheat your grill to 425-450°. After preheating, add the turkey and cook for about three hours with the lid closed, checking every 30 minutes. Once the leg’s internal temperature reads 180°, you can take it out. Let rest for up to 60 minutes before serving and enjoy your freshly grilled Thanksgiving turkey!

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