Get the Most Out of Your Smart Thermostat

how to smart thermostat

Are you getting the most out of your smart thermostat? They sure are smart, but if you don’t know how to best configure your smart thermostat, you can’t use it to its full potential. From increasing your overall home comfort to making your life easier, we’ll teach you how you can get more from your smart thermostat in this article.

How to Get More from Your Smart Thermostat

In order to get more from your smart thermostat, you first want to think about your home comfort and your habits. Consider whether there are rooms that are colder than others, as well as where you spend more time and your idea of maximum comfort. Think about your day-to-day schedule and the times you’re in your house versus away.

Once you have a better picture of this, you’ll be able to put your thermostat to better use and make your life easier. The next step is to get to know your thermostat so you can optimize your home heating and cooling. You can configure it in a variety of ways and take advantage of sensors and other features to conserve energy and increase convenience. 

Add Sensors

Smart thermostats, like the Ecobee, automatically adjust to maintain ideal home comfort, but did you know that you can use sensors to improve your home comfort? Room sensors read the temperature of the room it’s in and help manage hot and cold spots throughout the house. 

For instance, you can place a sensor in the spare room so you can easily control the temperature in that space. You can move the sensors wherever you want them. This gives you the freedom to control the temperature in each space.

Use the Features

Smart thermostats have so many features that you might not even know all the ways you can customize and improve your home comfort. Spend some time reading the manual to learn about each feature. That way, you can set up your thermostat to work even smarter. Some of the more known features include using your phone to adjust the temperature just before you arrive home or having it enter energy-saving mode at certain times.

However, there are plenty more features that you could use to make life easier while also reducing your energy bills. For example, some thermostats can remind you when to change the filter. Some even alert you to poor air quality and humidity levels.

Connect with Smart Devices

Another way to better utilize your smart thermostat is to connect it to your other smart home devices. Many smart thermostats can be integrated with smart devices, like smart lights, smart locks, and smart speakers. You can also use your smartphone or smart hubs to control the thermostat. This makes it a breeze to adjust the settings and manage your home’s comfort.

Smarter Home Comfort

Smart thermostats really are incredibly handy and they work with all kinds of HVAC systems. They not only make home comfort more convenient, but they help reduce energy consumption and costs, too. Get the most out of your smart thermostat by following these tips. And if you don’t have a smart thermostat, you’re missing out on energy cost savings, easy temperature control, and maximum home comfort.

Get smarter home comfort.

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