BBQ Accessories to Get You Ready For The Big Game

BBQ accessories

Whether you’re heading to a Super Bowl watch party or hosting one at home, meticulous preparation is essential for maximizing the enjoyment of this iconic event. Once you’ve curated the perfect game day menu, gathered all the essential ingredients and decorations, and solidified plans with friends and/or family, there’s one crucial element to complete the experience: the right Super Bowl BBQ accessories. With the right BBQ accessories, you’ll be well-equipped to savour the excitement of the football game to the fullest!

Executive 3 Piece Toolset

First of all, every grillmaster needs a reliable set of tools. Crafted from durable cast stainless steel, this 3 piece toolset is a must-have for your Super Bowl gathering. The ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold and the spatula is perfect for steaks and more. The stainless steel tongs, with an easy-lock feature, ensure precise control of whatever you’re handling on game day. The silicone basting brush is just what you need for a flavour-packed finish. 

Napoleon Wireless Digital Thermometer 

The Napoleon Wireless Digital Thermometer will ensure you grill everything to perfection without missing a moment of the game. This essential accessory ensures your steak or roast is cooked perfectly by providing real-time temperature readings. The durable and rust-proof stainless steel temperature probe, connected to the main unit by a braided wire, guarantees accuracy. Just clip the unit to your apron or clothes, and with a wireless range of 200 feet, you’re free to move around without risking burning what’s on the barbecue. 

Pizza Lover’s Starter Kit

Planning on pizza for the big game? Do it on the grill with the Pizza Lover’s Starter Kit! It has everything you need to make an epic grilled pizza feast – except for the dough and toppings. Grill up flawless, medium-sized pizzas on the Pizza Stone, known for making the perfect, crisp crust. If pizza is your culinary passion, this kit is tailored just for you.

Stainless Steel Smoker Box

Get the delicious smoky flavour without the smoker using the Napoleon Stainless Steel Smoker Box. Infuse the flavour of wood smoke into your gas-grilled creations with this handy accessory. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this smoker box replaces a barbecue’s sear plates directly above a lit burner. In just 20 minutes, the chips or chunks will smoulder, and your delightful smoky dishes should be done. Perfect for roasts, reverse-seared meats, and rotisserie-cooked meals, this smoker box is a versatile addition to your grilling arsenal.

Get Your BBQ Accessories for the Big Game at Team Harding

Whatever your plans for the big game this year, we encourage you to grill up some goodness! For all your BBQ and grilling needs and accessories, visit us at Team Harding. With the right accessories, you’re guaranteed to cook up some inspiring and delicious dishes and have a good time, no matter the weather!

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