Does Adjusting the Thermostat Frequently Increase Energy Bills?

adjusting thermostat

Are you caught in a battle for control over your home’s thermostat, with each family member fighting for their preferred temperature? The constant adjustments might seem harmless, but bouncing the thermostat back and forth can have significant consequences for both your utility bills and the health of your HVAC system. Whether it’s the urge to crank up the heat on a chilly day or attempting to cool the house rapidly by lowering the temperature, these habits can lead to increased energy consumption and potential strain on your heating and cooling equipment. 

Adjusting the thermostat frequently can lead to…

Increased energy consumption.

When you adjust the thermostat too much, it can increase energy consumption. Every time you change the temperature setting, your heating or cooling system has to work harder to reach the new desired temperature, which uses more energy in the process.

More wear and tear on the system.

Constantly cycling your HVAC system like this also contributes to more wear and tear on its components. Imagine constantly pumping the brakes in your car. Just as that would affect how your car operates and trigger the need for repairs, doing the same with your HVAC system also leads to the need for repairs and potentially more frequent breakdowns.

Inconsistent comfort.

Frequent adjustments will likely also result in inconsistent heating or cooling. With all the changes, your HVAC system may struggle to maintain a steady temperature if it’s constantly starting and stopping.

Reduced system efficiency.

As mentioned, adjusting the thermostat frequently can increase energy use, meaning your system will operate less efficiently. HVAC systems operate most efficiently when they run for longer periods at a consistent temperature. Frequent adjustments ultimately prevent the system from running at optimal efficiency.

Higher heating/cooling costs.

The end result is higher bills for you. Between the increased energy consumption from cycling your furnace on and off and the wear and tear on the system, heating and cooling your home is going to cost you more. All these adjustments could even lead to the need for premature replacement of your HVAC system. 

When It’s Okay to Adjust the Thermostat 

With that said, there are times when you should adjust your thermostat. While it’s best to keep your home at a stable temperature, you can still benefit from making some changes. For example, at night or when you leave your home for 8 hours or more, we recommend you set the thermostat a little lower in the winter and a little higher in the summer

Adjusting your thermostat in this way contributes to energy and cost savings. Thoughtful adjustments can help optimize comfort while reducing unnecessary energy consumption. 

Smart Home Comfort Solutions

There are solutions that can help you maintain a balance between comfort and energy consumption. You might consider installing a programmable or smart thermostat that enables more consistent climate control. Or, you could install a zoned system to allow for more customized control throughout the different areas of your home.

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