Tips to Fix Uneven Heating in Your Home

uneven heating

Uneven heating is a common issue. Many Canadian homeowners experience this but it doesn’t mean you have to put up with it forever! There are solutions. So before you crank up the thermostat, look at the possible causes and our recommendations to help you fix uneven heating in your home.

What Could Be Causing Uneven Heating

There are several potential reasons for uneven heating in your home, including:

  • A furnace that’s too small/big for your home.
  • Restricted airflow between the furnace and vents.
  • Rooms with drafts or without proper insulation.
  • Not enough return ducts to disperse heat.
  • Leaky or poorly insulated ductwork.
  • An old or malfunctioning furnace.
  • A poorly placed thermostat.
  • A clogged furnace filter.

How to Correct Uneven Heating

First, you must determine what’s causing the inconsistent heating. If you need assistance with this, call for a professional inspection. One of our technicians will assess the situation and provide expert advice on what to do. The recommendations may include any or a combination of the following measures.

Replace the Air Filter

With a forced air system, a dirty or clogged filter makes it harder for the blower to push air out through the ductwork. This means less warm air reaches your living space. Try replacing the filter and see if that helps.

Seal & Insulate Better

If you have a drafty home that’s poorly insulated, a lot of heat can escape. Seal up drafts and air leaks. Use caulking to seal window and door frames, install door sweeps, etc. Add insulation in areas where it may be lacking. 

Get Ductwork Inspected

It’s possible that your ductwork is leaky. As much as 15% of the air you pay to heat can be lost this way. Consider scheduling a professional ductwork inspection and have leaks and cracks repaired. 

Use Ceiling Fans 

This is an easy way to disperse heat more evenly throughout your home. Set the fans to rotate clockwise to create an updraft that circulates warm air, making it feel warmer. 

Turn on the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, you could turn it on to supplement your main heat source. We don’t recommend using a fireplace as your primary heat source, but it can help correct uneven heating. 

Routine Maintenance 

If you’ve missed maintenance appointments, it could be the cause of the uneven heating. A furnace that’s not properly maintained won’t work as effectively. Make sure you book annual maintenance to keep your furnace working properly.

Upgrade Your System for Even Heating

Perhaps the uneven heating is due to an old, ineffective heating system. If this is the case – which a Team Harding technician can confirm for you – then it’s time to upgrade your HVAC. Your options for home heating are more than just a new furnace. 

You could install:

You can work with one of our technicians to find the best and most affordable solution for your situation. A new system will correct the uneven heating in your home, plus:

  • Improve efficiency 
  • Enhance home comfort 
  • Contain a warranty 
  • Save you money

Contact Team Harding to correct uneven heating in your home or upgrade your HVAC.

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