Must-Have Multi-use Grilling Accessories

multi-use grilling accessories

You may not know it, but within your kitchen there might be an arsenal of grilling accessories that can be used in more ways than one. Whether you’re more of a minimalist or just looking to save space, make sure these multi-use grilling accessories are part of your kit and read on to discover their various functions. 

Pizza Stone

A pizza stone, a type of baking stone, has many uses beyond just making delicious pizzas. 

Here are some of its surprising talents:

  • Baking Bread – The even heat distribution of a stone is perfect for baking all sorts of breads, from crusty loaves to flatbreads like pita bread and focaccia.
  • Roasting Vegetables & Meats – The stone absorbs heat and radiates it back, ensuring even cooking and a nice caramelized exterior on roasted vegetables and meats.
  • Reheating Leftovers – Skip the microwave! Reheat leftover pizza, fries, or chicken nuggets on a preheated stone for a crispy and delicious revival.
  • Searing – The stone’s ability to retain high heat makes it suitable for searing steaks or scallops, locking in juices and creating a flavourful crust.
  • Pie Crust – Say goodbye to soggy bottoms! The consistent heat of the stone helps prevent pie crusts from getting soggy while the filling bakes.

Cast iron frying pan

Your cast iron pan is the ultimate multi-use champion.

  • On the Grill – Take it to the BBQ! Pre-heat it on the grill for amazing searing and even cooking.
  • Browning Machine – Cast iron retains heat exceptionally well, making it ideal for achieving a deep, caramelized sear on meats and vegetables.
  • One-Pan Wonders – Thanks to its versatility, cast iron allows you to cook entire meals in a single pan. Sear your protein, then deglaze the pan with liquids to create a flavourful sauce for your sides.
  • Heating Leftovers – Cast iron is fantastic for reheating leftovers. The even heat distribution ensures your food warms through without burning.
  • Camping Cookware – Cast iron is a durable and campfire-friendly option for outdoor cooking. Just remember proper heat control with open flames.

Rotisserie Basket  

A rotisserie grill basket goes beyond just those perfectly crispy rotisserie chickens.

Here are some unexpected ways to use your rotisserie grill basket:

  • Veggie Extravaganza – Toss your favourite vegetables like potatoes, onions, peppers, and mushrooms in the basket for perfectly roasted goodness with a smoky twist.
  • Crispy Finger Foods – Chicken wings, thighs, or even drumsticks are delicious in a rotisserie basket. You’ll achieve that crispy skin without deep frying.
  • Seafood Sensations – Shrimp, scallops, or even kebabs with cubed fish can all be cooked evenly and deliciously in the basket. Just be sure to adjust the cooking time based on the type of seafood.
  • French Fries – Craving crispy fries without the guilt? The rotisserie basket allows even cooking and removes excess grease for healthier and tastier fries.
  • Beyond the Grill – The basket can also be used in your oven for similar results. Try roasted chickpeas or veggie chips for a healthy snack.

Other Multiuse Grilling Accessories: 

Grill Mat 

If you don’t already have one, a BBQ mat can be a versatile addition to your outdoor entertaining space. It’s perfect for protecting your patio or deck from grease and spills while grilling. But, it can also serve double duty by safeguarding your surface from stray embers or ash that might escape your outdoor fireplace

Cedar Planks

These aren’t just for salmon!  Soak cedar planks and use them to grill anything that benefits from a smoky, wood-fired flavour.  Think savoury chicken breasts, juicy vegetables, or even succulent shrimp.  Cedar planks can also be used in your oven for a similar effect.

Smoking Chunks & Wood Chips 

Sure, they add smokey goodness to meats, but that’s not all! Experiment by soaking wood chips and using them on a grill pan with veggies or incorporating them into packets with fish or poultry for a subtle smokey infusion. Some woods like hickory or cedar can even be used to smoke cheese for a delicious appetizer.

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