Grill Your Caesar Garnishes

caesar garnishes

There’s arguably no cocktail more Canadian than the Caesar. While the ingredients to make the drink are pretty standard, what’s up for debate is the perfect garnish. Some prefer a nod to the classic Bloody Mary with a celery stalk, while others swear by a pickled spicy bean. If you’re adventurous and have the BBQ on, why not grill your caesar garnishes!

If you garnish with citrus (and you should), try grilling them!

Grilling fruit for your drink adds a depth of flavour and also helps to release juices.

As a bonus, it looks interesting and makes for a great picture!

If you prefer to have your Caesar garnishes as more of a snack, you can always grill up some shrimp to top your drink.

Skewer three shrimps, quickly sear them on the grill and pair with a grilled lemon for a delicious and light garnish.

If you want to add some heat to your drink, grill up some peppers like jalapeños or serranos. They’ll add some spice and enhance the drink’s flavour.

A fancy upgrade is to stuff the pepper and wrap with bacon before grilling.

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