Easter Dinner on the Grill

What’s on the menu for Easter dinner? For most families, it’s probably a protein like ham or turkey, accompanied by vegetables and potatoes – or some variation of this at least. If you’re tired of having the same thing every year or you’d like to try something different this Easter, we challenge you to do your Easter dinner on the grill. That’s right, cook your whole meal on the grill! We’ve got some ideas for your grilled Easter dinner, but feel free to get creative – and don’t forget to share your grilled goodness with us! 


For your protein, you can stick to your traditional meat but cook it on the grill instead or you could try something completely different. If that family is up for it, try one of these proteins for Easter dinner this year.


Lamb is a traditional Easter dish in many cultures. This year, switch it up by cooking it on the BBQ. Grilling lamb enhances the flavour and gives it a crispy outer layer, which complements the juicy, tender meat inside.


You might have had ham for family dinners but have you had grilled ham? If you’re worried about trying a new cooking method for a big family feast, don’t worry, we’ve got all the steps laid out here for you. Plus, it’s super simple!


Turkey is the stereotypical protein for holiday dinners in Canada. It makes sense because it’s large enough to feed several people, it’s delicious, and the leftovers can be used for so many other dishes. Why not change it up this year and try turkey on the grill? The prep is all the same but you cook it in a pan on the BBQ instead of roasting it in the oven for hours.


Have a pescatarian in the family or perhaps you’re just looking to try a new protein this Easter. Salmon or tilapia grill up nicely and could make a great alternative to other more traditional proteins. You could cook the fish on a cedar plank or smoke it in some tin foil. Lightly season your fish, splash it with some lemon, and let it grill for a quick and simple dish.


Every family feast needs a few sides. Don’t forget your veggies! Veggies on the grill keep their crunch and have a flavour that you can’t get when you cook them any other way.

Mixed Veggies

Can’t decide on a vegetable? Go with mixed veggies. You could do kebabs, cook them in a pan on the BBQ or just place them directly on the grill. Some vegetables might be better if you parboil them first. Add some extra flavour by saucing or brushing oil on them prior to cooking.

Cauliflower with Pine Nuts

Do something totally different with this grilled cauliflower and pine nuts recipe. Keep the cauliflower fairly thin so they don’t overcook. Our recipe calls for cutting them into slices as thick as steaks but you can cut them as desired. 


Top off the meal with the perfect grilled potatoes. If you can grill potatoes to perfection then you’re a true grill master. Follow our recipe and serve up delicious, golden potatoes with your grilled Easter dinner. 


What’s dinner without dessert? Yes, we even have grilled dessert recipes. But, you could also have fun doing dessert by the fireplace! 

Grilled Banana Splits

You read that right. You can do banana splits on the grill! Well, you can grill the bananas and that’ll release natural sugars to make them even sweeter. Plus, they’ll be warm which goes just right with your vanilla ice cream.

Foil Pack Marshmallow Bananas 

Another option for dessert on the grill is foil pack marshmallow bananas. You could also do them on the fireplace. Enjoy toasted marshmallows in between sweet bananas and chocolate chips. They make for a decadent – and messy! – dessert.


Whether your fireplace is indoors or outdoors, you can make these yummy, gooey s’mores. Try them all kinds of ways using all different types of chocolate. 

Don’t Wait for Summer to BBQ

You don’t have to wait for summer to start enjoying your grill. If you’re like many other brave Canadians, you already know this and have been grilling all winter. Keep it going with an Easter dinner done completely on the grill. 

Whether or not you’ve been making meals on the BBQ throughout the winter, spring is a good time to do a deep clean and top up your supplies. Perhaps you need some grilling accessories. 

Team Harding has everything you need to make your Easter dinner on the grill a smokin’ success.

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