Fall BBQ Recipes: Grilling Beyond Summer

fall BBQ

The leaves are falling and the extreme cold and snow are approaching, but that doesn’t mean the grilling has to stop! For those still grilling and those year-round pit bosses, fall provides the opportunity to try new flavours and cook up some of your favourite foods that offer comfort and warmth. This fall, we hope you discover how you can use your barbecue and seasonal fall foods to create mouthwatering meals. For some inspiration, enjoy our collection of our favourite fall BBQ recipes.

Honey Sweet Chicken Kebabs

As we embrace the cooler weather as an opportunity to explore heartier, seasonally-inspired recipes that keep our grills fired up, give this recipe a go! If you’re a fan of warm, delectable winter meals bursting with protein and nutrients, our honey sweet potato chicken kebabs recipe is a must-try this season. It’s the perfect harmony of fall flavours and the beloved grill, encapsulating the essence of winter grilling at its best.

Autumn Apple Butter Ribs

Canadians know that with Autumn comes apple picking season, a cherished tradition for many. This calls for you to indulge in the natural bounty of apples! Whether you hand-picked them yourself or bought a bushel from your local farmer or market, put those juicy crisp apples to delicious use in this recipe. Autumn Apple Butter Ribs is the tasty embodiment of fall flavours. This dish showcases the versatility of apples as they transform into a rich butter that coats tender, slow-cooked ribs. The harmony of the smoky grilled ribs combined with the sweet, tangy flavour of the apples will have you craving more.

Grilled Pumpkin with Rosemary

This time of year, there’s no shortage of pumpkins, so why not use them? Our Grilled Pumpkin with Rosemary recipe is the perfect ode to the flavours of this season – and ensures no pumpkin gets left in the patch! This wholesome and totally simple dish is perfect for sides or a little autumn snack. Eat the grilled pumpkin as is or toss it in another dish, from soups to dips. 

Fall Grilled Apples

Still have apples left over from your last apple picking trip? Throw them on the grill! Grilled apples make for a sweet and delicious accompaniment to pork. Alternatively, you could use them in your favourite apple dessert. Or, let your heart and tastebuds decide and experiment with various apple varieties in whatever way you choose. We recommend you start with ones that can handle the heat, like Granny Smith or Honeycrisp.

Happy Fall Grilling!

It’s clear that the grilling season doesn’t end when the cold moves in. Make the most of the seasonal ingredients by incorporating them into your grilled culinary creations. Let the flame of the grill keep you warm as you embark on your journey of experimenting with fall flavours!

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