Where to Put Your Fireplace: Totally Unique Places 

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Fireplaces add a level of comfort to a home that nothing else can achieve. But their placement doesn’t have to be limited to just the living room. A fireplace can transform any space! In this article, we explore unconventional yet delightful locations to install a fireplace to inspire you to get creative when choosing a location for yours. Here are some totally unique places to put your fireplace!

In the Kitchen

Installing a fireplace in your kitchen might be the ultimate culinary luxury. It’s not just a source of warmth; it’s an invitation to gather, savour, and create memories. Often considered the heart of the home, your kitchen will be even more inviting with a glowing fire. Imagine preparing meals in the cozy glow of dancing flames, or sipping a morning coffee by a toasty fire. 

In Your Office

A fireplace in your home office could be exactly what you need to create the ultimate space for inspiration and productivity. Not only will it keep you cozy and warm, but it’ll help with kindling creativity and focus. Imagine the soft crackling of a fire as you tackle tasks or brainstorm ideas. It’s the perfect backdrop for your work, minimizing stress and maximizing your concentration. 

In a Corner

For those who are trying to do something totally unique or make use of a double-sided fireplace, consider placing your fireplace in a corner. Nestling it in the corner of a room is an ingenious way to maximize space while adding a touch of charm and coziness. The corner fireplace not only optimizes room layout but also creates a unique focal point. It also effortlessly transforms an overlooked nook into a snug sanctuary. 

On Your Patio

Another unique spot to put a fireplace is on your patio. It could elevate your entire outdoor living space, turning your patio into a cozy, inviting haven. Imagine cool evenings spent with friends and family, gathered around the warm, crackling flames. A patio fireplace not only adds a unique and stylish touch to your outdoor decor but also extends the usability of your patio into the colder months.

 In Your Bathroom 

The bathroom is a place of relaxation for many. How can you make it more inviting and relaxing? A fireplace. It can take your bathroom to a whole new level of relaxing oasis, turning your daily routines into moments of luxury and tranquility. Practical for chilly climates and aesthetically pleasing, it’s a trend that’s gaining popularity. With electric fireplaces, you can easily transform your bathroom into a personal sanctuary.

In the Garage

Imagine a fireplace in your garage… A garage fireplace ensures you always have a heat source so you can work and gather out there all year. It’s perfect for DIY enthusiasts, car enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to create a cozy workshop or a relaxing space – or both! Basically, it turns your garage into a multifunctional space for work and leisure. 

Where Will We Install Your Fireplace?

Incorporating a fireplace in unexpected places around your home has the power to redefine your living spaces, enhancing comfort, style, and functionality. Now that you’ve explored these creative possibilities, it’s time to turn your vision into reality.

Whether you’re imagining an indoor hearth in the kitchen or home office, or perhaps an outdoor oasis on your patio, Team Harding can help! We offer a wide selection of indoor and outdoor fireplaces, along with all the essential accessories to complete your dream setup.

Where will we be installing your fireplace? 

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