Give Your Electric Fireplace a Makeover with These Tips

fireplace makeover

The appeal of an electric fireplace can’t be denied. However, for some homeowners, it can leave them dreaming of a real fireplace. If you’ve opted for the electric fireplace for its many benefits, or you’re thinking of installing an electric fireplace, but you want to elevate it so it looks more “real”, follow these tips to give your fireplace the makeover it needs.

Strategic Placement

Our first tip to make your electric fireplace appear more authentic is to place it strategically. Strategic placement of your electric fireplace is key to enhancing its realism and the overall ambiance of your space. Here are a couple examples to guide your decision:

  • Cozy Corner: Placing your electric fireplace in a corner can instantly create a cozier atmosphere. This placement not only maximizes space but also provides a natural focal point, making the room feel snug and inviting.
  • Central Wall: Opting for a central placement on a middle wall ensures that your electric fireplace becomes a captivating centerpiece. This position allows it to stand out prominently, commanding attention and becoming a visual anchor for the entire room.

Both of these placement options offer an ideal backdrop to accentuate the digital flames, making it look more real. However, avoid situating your electric fireplace near or by the window. Placing it in proximity to natural light sources can diminish the visibility of the flames.

Copy Dimensions

Another way to elevate the look and ambiance of your electric fireplace is to mirror the dimensions of a real fireplace. Real wood fireplaces often occupy considerable space and commonly feature a square design. Therefore, opting for a built-in electric fireplace that closely mimics these dimensions can add to the realism of your home’s fire feature. 

Mantel Magic

A mantel can bring exactly what your electric model needs. Elevate your fireplace aesthetics with a coloured frame featuring intricate textures, creating a stunning visual impact for your guests. For example, you could add a layer of sophistication with a wooden mantel. It serves as an exquisite complement to the bold presence of your hearth, adding an element of grandeur to your space. 

Choosing the right mantel package allows you to tailor your fireplace’s appearance, transforming it into a focal point that seamlessly integrates with the overall design of your space.

Cable Containment 

Our last tip critical to making your electric fireplace appear more real; hide those cables and cords! Nothing will give away the fact that you have an electric fireplace faster than cords dangling in plain sight. Consider this when you design the surround of your fireplace.

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