Romantic Fireplace Date Night Ideas

fireplace date night

Looking for some simple ways to celebrate with your significant other? What better way to do so than by sitting by the fireplace, enjoying each other’s company with the ambiance of a fire glowing in the background? Special occasion or not, these romantic fireplace date night ideas are the perfect way to spend an evening with your sweetheart.

10 Romantic Fireplace Date Night Ideas 

1. Cozy up with a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate. Start the fire and set the mood with candles and soft music to create a romantic ambiance. You can sit and talk by the warmth of the hearth into the night.

2. Have a movie night by the fireplace. Pick a classic romantic or rom-com film, make some popcorn and snuggle up together on the couch while the fire glows in the background. 

3. Cook dinner and dessert for two. You can cook dinner in the kitchen and dine by the light of the fireplace, or use the fire to roast hot dogs or make s’mores for dessert. Check out our article How to Make S’mores Indoors for the recipe. 

4. Create a spa night by the fire. Gather the massage oils and mud masks, make a comfy spot in front of the fireplace, give each other massages and relax in warm blankets while the fire flickers. 

5. Play board games fireside. Get your favourite board games or a deck of cards and have a friendly (and romantic!) competition with a prize for the winner. 

6. Warm up by the fire after a stroll. Take a romantic walk in the snow and come back to warm up by the fire together. Share stories and memories while toasting your toes and playing footsies. 

7. Enjoy fireplace fondue. Prepare a fondue dinner and take your seats by the fireplace. Dip meat and veggies in oil or cheese. Follow dinner with dessert, dipping fruit into melted chocolate.

8. Have a picnic by the fire. Lay a blanket down in front of the fireplace, pack your meal in a basket and sit down to a picnic around the hearth.

9. Read poetry and write love letters. Write each other a love letter as you sit by the fire or take turns reading poems or excerpts from your favourite romance novels. 

10. Plan for the future. Have a conversation with your significant other by the fireplace and make plans for the future. Reflect on the past and look forward to your future together.

Don’t Let a Broken Fireplace Kill the Mood 

Before you plan your romantic date night by the fireplace, make sure it’s functioning safely and properly. If you haven’t had your fireplace serviced this season, schedule maintenance now. After all, you don’t want to ruin the mood of your fireside date with a fireplace that won’t turn on. 

Schedule fireplace service before date night!

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