Fireplace Trends for 2023

fireplace in living room

Upgrading your existing fireplace to a trendier one? Do you want to add a little fire to your living room or bedroom? Are you just a fireplace lover who wants to put one in every room? While you’re deciding on the model and style of the fireplace you want installed in your home, get caught up on all the fireplace trends for 2023. We’ve got them for you here!


A rustic fireplace is always in style. It even works in a modern home. When you think of a cozy fireplace, you probably envision a crackling fire surrounded by stones or bricks, possibly topped with a large wooden mantel. To this day, it remains the quintessential fireplace.

To achieve a more modern-rustic feel, try pairing a dark-coloured, oversized fireplace with light stones and a wooden mantel. This design works especially well in houses with high ceilings and/or a large living room.

rustic fireplace

Frameless Fireplaces 

Making a comeback from their popularity in 2020, frameless fireplaces are trendy once again. Frameless fireplaces are often surrounded by marble, stone or tile which makes for a very attractive and clean design. Frameless fireplaces are minimalist and unique. They’re often customized to fit interesting spaces where the only focal point is the fireplace. 

Frameless fireplaces are typically gas-powered with little, if any, exposed frame or trim. Linear fireplaces fit this definition, with their clean lines and sharp edges. Frameless fireplaces are especially popular in luxury homes.

frameless fireplace with stone surround

Modern & Minimalist 

The modern aesthetic is still alive and well, and showing no sign of going anywhere any time soon. People love the simplicity of the modern aesthetic. When it comes to a fireplace, many agree that the fire itself is the main attraction and that it adds enough flare and personality to a space all on its own. And it’s true, sometimes a bold design or loud decor can steal the attention. So, if you want the focus to be on the flickering flame and the warmth it provides, stick to a simple minimalist design

modern living room with modern fireplace all grey

High Contrast

If, on the other hand, you want your fireplace and its surround to pop out at you, consider creating a high-contrast design. This 2023 fireplace trend totally opposes the simple minimalist aesthetic, but it’s so much fun! Think of a feature wall, but instead, it’s a feature fireplace. You can try bright paint colours, dramatic textures, or even wallpaper. Some people are even mixing rustic and modern together for the ultimate juxtaposition.

In 2023, you could see everything from bright yellow fireplaces, fushia-coloured surrounds, turquoise-painted brick, and lime-green mantels. 

torqouise wall and fireplace

Room Divider 

Trendy, functional, unique, and super stylish. Room-dividing fireplaces are a fashionable way to separate spaces and basically get two fireplaces out of one. Another benefit of this fireplace trend is that the heat it emits can be shared between at least two rooms. When it’s done right, a room-divider fireplace can increase comfort and make a space look bigger.

room dividing fireplace

Gas & Electric Fireplaces 

Do you think of a wood-burning fire when you think of a fireplace? Regardless of what comes to mind, gas and electric fireplaces are taking over. There are so many benefits to having a non-wood fireplace, not least of which include less mess, less work, and more selection! Plus, gas and electric fireplaces are just easier to maintain.

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