Top 3 Benefits of Ductless Heat Pumps

A ductless heat pump is the same thing as a mini-split heat pump. Both consist of an outdoor unit and at least one indoor unit, and they heat and cool your house. This is already a major benefit of a heat pump, but we have another 3 benefits of ductless heat pumps to share with you. Read on to find out what they are! 

No Ductwork Needed

As you probably already guessed from the name, a ductless heat pump does NOT require ductwork. This is especially beneficial for homeowners who don’t already have existing ductwork. A ductless heat pump heats and cools a space through an internal unit, not ductwork. 

With a ductless heat pump, homeowners can control the temperature in different areas of their home through the internal unit(s). Plus, you can have a single-zone or multi-zone configuration.  

Installation is Easy

Particularly because no ductwork is needed, the installation of heat pumps is so simple it can be done in a single day by a reputable HVAC provider. It’s even easier when a ductless heat pump is being installed in a home where it’ll be a supplementary form of heat. This is because nothing needs to be replaced or redone in this case.

They’re Super Efficient 

One of the best things about heat pumps is that they’re super efficient. In fact, that’s why many homeowners either make the switch or have a heat pump installed to supplement their current HVAC system. Just the addition of a heat pump can contribute to higher heating efficiency. The government also offers grants for their installation, reducing your upfront costs.

Ductless heat pumps use inverter technology to maximize efficiency. Instead of turning off when a certain temperature is reached, ductless heat pumps run continuously, with only the motor speed adjusting, to maintain a comfortable, consistent temperature. This also makes them run more quietly. 

The energy efficiency of ductless heat pumps translates into cost savings for you. As well, you can control the temperatures of different rooms in your house. You can even set your heat pump to reach your desired temperature by the time you get home from work.

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