The Cost & Savings of an HRV System

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HRVs (Heat Recovery Ventilators) are becoming increasingly popular as they help homeowners conserve energy and enhance indoor air quality, which contributes to better health overall. While they do involve an initial investment that may turn some off, they offer long-term benefits and savings that make it a worthy investment in your home and health.

What is an HRV?

An HRV, or a Heat Recovery Ventilator, helps bring fresh air into your home from outside. HRVs remove stale warm air from your home while using its heat to warm the fresh cool air from outside. This ensures fresh warm air is always circulating through your home, increasing air quality without making your home feel drafty.

Installation & Initial Costs

Installing an HRV in your home is an investment as it can improve air quality and therefore health, as well as enhance the operation and longevity of your HVAC system. The initial cost of an HRV system depends on a variety of factors like:

  • Type (whole-home or single-room) 
  • Brand 
  • Model 
  • Efficiency level

ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) systems may be slightly more expensive than an HRV. Installation expenses also vary, especially if you’re integrating the HRV with an existing HVAC system. When you install the HRV during a new furnace setup, it can often save you money compared to retrofitting older homes.

Operational & Energy Consumption Costs

Running an HRV system is not expensive. Typically, an Energy Star-certified HRV running at a low setting (around 30 to 90 watts) can cost approximately $2.75 to $10 in Ontario, depending on local electricity rates. Additionally, routine maintenance, such as filter replacements, contributes to operational costs. However, these costs are quite minimal as there’s not a whole lot of maintenance required.

HRV Efficiency & Savings

As we mentioned, HRVs are an investment in your home comfort and they do offer some notable long-term savings. By recovering heat from exhaust air, these systems decrease the necessity for additional heating, ultimately reducing your overall energy usage and costs. In fact, the efficiency of HRVs can offset the initial investment, particularly in colder regions. They’re also a smart choice for eco-conscious homeowners as they reclaim energy.

Talk to Team Harding About HRV Options

An HRV system not only guarantees superior indoor air quality but it also helps control future energy expenses. With our team’s expertise in installation and our personalized guidance on choosing the ideal HRV unit for your specific requirements, you can make a sound investment in your home’s comfort and efficiency. 

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