Keep Your New Year’s Resolution with These Healthy Grilling Recipe Ideas

Does your New Year’s resolution involve eating healthier or losing weight so you feel better? If it does, we’ve got some healthy grilling recipe ideas for you to try! Use these recipe ideas to inspire you to achieve your goal of a healthier diet.

7 Delicious and Healthy Grilling Recipe Ideas

1. Grilled Steak Tacos

Full of fresh grilled veggies and packed with flavour, these Grilled Steak Tacos will be a hit with the whole family. Make your own marinade or follow the recipe’s marinade instructions for a truly tasty taco night. Have fun dressing your tacos however you like them!

steak tacos on table

2. Habanero BBQ Shrimp

Pair this seafood dish with some grilled veggies and a grilled baked potato for a balanced and mouth-watering meal. This recipe is fantastically fresh and full of immune-boosting ingredients, like ginger and garlic. 

habanero shrimp on bbq

3. Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Enjoy a hearty bowl of Grilled Chicken Soup – and don’t forget the vegetables! This balanced bowl of grilled goodness is sure to fill you up and leave you feeling healthy and satisfied instead of stuffed and sick.

person holding bowl of chicken soup

4. Honey Sweet Potato Chicken Kebabs 

Eat your whole meal off the skewer! Not only is this dish packed with protein and nutrients, it’s also a delicious, warm meal perfect for winter. And sweet potatoes aren’t just sweeter than white potatoes, they’re healthier too! 


5. Grilled Pesto Sandwich 

Whether you’re looking for an easy dinner or a fast lunch, the Grilled Pesto Sandwich is the answer. You can swap the French baguette for a whole wheat option and add extra arugula for an even healthier meal.

pesto sandwich grilled chicken

6. Grilled Pizza

Get the whole family involved in dinner prep with Grilled Pizza! Everyone can pick out their favourite toppings and dress their pizza however they like. Opt for a variety of fresh toppings for max nutritional benefits. You could try some grilled mushrooms, peppers, grilled chicken, tomatoes, or even some pineapple if that’s your thing! 

grilled pizza on bbq

7. Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger 

This recipe is perfect for the vegetarians out there! Instead of a greasy beef burger, this recipe calls for portobello mushroom caps. Throw in some garlic and fresh herbs and spices, and voila! You have a delicious and nutritious meatless meal. 

portobello mushrooms on bbq

Get Your Grill On!

Now you have all the healthy recipes so you can get grilling! Who said healthy meals can’t also be fun to make and taste delicious? Grill your way to your goal of a healthier diet. We have a bunch more recipes for you here. 

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