Serve Up Some Love: Valentine’s Day Dinner & Dessert for Two

valentine's dinner grilled meat and veggies platter

If you and your love are staying in for V-day this year, we’ve got the menu covered! Staying in for a nice evening together is one of the best ways we can imagine spending Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re playing board games, watching movies, dancing in the dark, or sitting by the fire staring lovingly into each other’s eyes – you’ll want some good food. And that’s what you’ll find here. Try one of these delicious Valentine’s Day dinner and dessert recipes for two!

BBQ Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board is perfect for a quiet night in by the fire or in front of the TV. Whatever you do, set the charcuterie board down where you can both reach and snack away to your heart’s content! 

Surf and Turf for Two

If you can’t decide between steak or lobster, why not have both? You can have your steak and your love can have their lobster – or you can share and get the best of both. Cook it just the way you like it with the Accu-Probe Bluetooth Thermometer.

Grilled Steak Fajitas

For a fun twist on steak, give these grilled steak fajitas a go. Laugh and play in the kitchen chopping and prepping toppings together and then chow down on this delicious Valentine’s Day dinner. 

Easy Grilled Lobster + Perfect Potatoes 

Skip the steak completely and prepare a seafood dinner. We promise your seafood-lover significant other will love a grilled lobster accompanied by perfectly-grilled potatoes. 

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeños

Spice things up with these bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños! Challenge each other: who can handle the heat? The person who eats the most jalapeños without taking a drink doesn’t have to help with dishes!

Cinnamon Whiskey Grilled Chicken 

Maybe you and your sweetheart prefer something a little sweeter. This combo of sweet, spicy, and savoury will surely satisfy you and your date. If you’re feeling frisky, just add a little more whiskey! 

Grilled Short Ribs with Guinness Marinade 

These delicious short ribs are smothered with a rich Guinness marinade. You’ll be licking your fingers to get every last drop of that savoury BBQ flavour. Be warned: things might get a little messy!

Grilled Pizza

If you’re not feeling a big, fancy meal, keep it classy with a grilled pizza. Spend extra time together preparing the toppings and grilling your ‘za to perfection. Make it extra cheesy and shape your dough into hearts <3

Caesars with Grilled Garnish

Pair your dinner for two with a cocktail! Take your Caesar to the next level by grilling your garnish. We bet your date won’t have seen anything like this before! 

Grilled French Toast

If there’s something everyone loves, it’s breakfast for dinner. Grill up some french toast for the sweet-toothed sweethearts. Top it off with fresh strawberries and you’ve got a super sweet dinner – or dessert – for two! 

Chocolate Marshmallow Bananas

After dinner, try these foil-pack chocolate marshmallow bananas for dessert. Perhaps you skip dinner and dive straight into dessert. Either way, these scrumptious, yummy, gooey goodies will satisfy your craving for something sweet.

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